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180389 -RN Medical/Surgical Accepting Candidate

Location: Abilene, Texas
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Published Date: 05-28-2021  
Amber Nelson

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Job Description

Registered Nurses deliver care to patients utilizing the nursing process. Nurses collaborate with other professional disciplines to ensure effective patient care delivery and achievement of desired patient outcomes. Nurses effectively interact with patients and significant others, while maintaining the standard of professional nursing. Registered Nurses provide direct and individualized nursing care to patients based on the application of scientific nursing principles. Due to the broad range of medical conditions they encounter, they must be well-versed in a large variety of health conditions.

Registered Nurses have a professional obligation to participate in committee activities, surveys, and improvement initiatives. In addition, Registered Nurses must uphold the standards of the Texas Nurse Practice Act.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Education (Required):

· Graduate of Accredited School of Nursing (Diploma, AD, BSN)

Required Licenses/Certification:

· Registered Nurse


Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

· Input data into computer programs

Primary patient population: General Surgery (appendectomies, Cholecystectomies, hernia repairs, trauma), ENT (tracheostomies, thyroidectomies), Plastics (skin grafts, reconstructions), Urology (TURPS, nephrectomies), Colorectal (resections, ostomies), GYN overflow (mastectomies, hysterectomies), CV (femoral popliteal bypasses, thoracotomies), overflow orthopedic surgery, overflow medical patients (PNA, GIB, DM, ARF, CHF, sepsis, PVD, UTI, COPD

Skills/equipment: post-operative nursing, blood administration, wound care, IV skills, mediports, CVLs, chest tubes, NGTs, JP drains and other surgical drains, Foley catheters, bladder irrigation, ostomy care, wound vacs, PCAs, PCEAs, IV therapy, pain management, G-tubes, J-tubes, trach care

Sub Specialty(s):
Med-Surg Ortho, Med-surg Adult
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    Accepting Candidate
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  • Skills

    BCLS: 2 years

    CPR: 2 years

    RN: 2 years

    Med-Surg Ortho: 2 years

    Med-surg Adult: 2 years