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Job Description

Virtelligence is looking for a Senior Call Center Sales Manager/ Sales Operation Manager with experience managing a rapidly growing team of contact center professionals. The ideal candidate will have experience successfully running call center operations. This includes hiring, onboarding, day-to-day management, skill advancement, and goal achievement for all team members reporting to you. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide strong, dynamic leadership that allows call center agents to succeed in their roles
  • Oversees the daily workflow and schedules of the department.
  • Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive.
  • Manage sales and customer service metrics that show team performance across accounts Ability to work towards strict targets
  • Assisting the Extended Management team in identifying trends and establishing call center goals.
  • Ensuring staff members are achieving desired service levels and taking corrective action, as needed.
  • Ensure effective and consistent communication throughout the team
  • Embed a performance culture framework and review processes
  • Drive discipline and termination of employees in accordance with company policy
  • Responsible for performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, hiring/interviewing, and promotions
  • Provides coaching and mentoring to contact center supervisors and team leads and occasionally to customer service representatives
  • Approves and implement streamlining opportunities and process improvements
  • Coordinates customer service activities with other internal functions
  • Tracks and reports contact center performance against objectives and goals, i.e., quality, call volume, customer satisfaction, etc
  • Communicates quality standards and parameters to Marketing
  • Maintain open and honest channels of communication at all levels across the business to facilitate best-in-class sharing and root cause analysis.
  • Work with the Marketing Teams to ensure the most effective resource plans are developed and achieved
  • Review management information and make suggestions, and recommendations as to improvements across the contact center.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain effective internal and external Quality Assurance (QA) programs fostering continuous improvement and exceeding Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance



· Bachelor of IT/ MIS degree or higher preferred

· Minimum 5-7 years’ Call Center / Contact Center management experience

· Effective leadership and analytical skills

· Working knowledge of financial statement analysis, staffing models, scheduling, and telecom opportunities

· Exceptional ability to develop and manage results-oriented recruiting and training programs

· Measurable experience in managing and growing profitable satisfied accounts and/or relevant account management experience